Live Performance Sessions / Dep Work

Live Performance

Robbie has extensive experience in live performance ranging from performing as a soloist, in duos and playing in various function bands as well as original projects. He has performed for numerous events in a wide range of venues such as for weddings, piano bars, music clubs and a mix of festivals. Robbie is incredibly passionate about performing and finds it one of the most enjoyable aspects of his work.

Below are examples of live performance projects Robbie has been involved with.

Need a Dep?

If you require a dep guitarist at short notice, give Robbie a call.

Whether you need a guitarist to fill in for your function band or original project, Robbie has experience depping for a large variety of groups and ensembles for last minute gigs/events. Click here to contact Robbie for dep work. 

Leon's Band 2.jpg

The Andrew Osbourne Trio   

Live with The Leon Garner Band 

Studio Sessions / Remote Recording

Remote Recording

If you want guitar on your production but studio time isn't an option, why not send a guide .mp3 file to Robbie? He will then record all the guitars/guitar parts in his home studio using Pro Tools and a selection of top of the range guitars, pedals, amplifiers and software. The guitar parts will then be sent back to you in the .wav file format.

Studio Sessions

Robbie is passionate about recording in the studio and would consider it an honour to record guitar for your music. 

For information about the gear Robbie has available to record with, or to enquire about rates, please get in touch through the contact page on this site. 

Transcription & Arranging Services

Transcription Services

If you're looking for a recording to be transcribed into either sheet music (treble/bass clef) or tablature, click here to contact Robbie for more details.


Robbie has a lot of experience in arranging parts from lead sheets to full scores for a variety of ensembles such as duos, trios, quartets and for solo instruments. If you require an arrangement for a piece of music please get in contact with the specific instrumentation and Robbie will cater for your line up.

Avishai Cohen - The Ever Evolving Etude.