Robbie Barnby Quartet


Guitarist Robbie Barnby is excited to announce his new quartet who perform an eclectic range of his own compositions. Robbie has been developing his original music over the last few years which is inspired by the Jazz tradition but consists of a new modern approach.

Since the beginning of his career on the guitar, Robbie has focused on developing himself as a London based session guitarist whilst simultaneously composing his own material (More About Robbie). During that journey, he has met a number of 'go to' musicians which has led him to finally craft a group together in order to develop his compositions further.

The group includes Charlie Flint on Piano, Jason Reyes on Bass and Filippo Galli on Drums. Each member adds their own personality to the project which has resulted in a forward thinking style. Because of the range of mixed influences, experiences and genres, there are many dimensions to the band which are all held together by the common ground that is the Jazz tradition.

Tour dates and concerts to be announced and expected album to be released.